Sensei Dare karate biography

Sensei DareStarted Karate at the age of 24 at the beginning of 1981. 
Trained twice a week at the Chard Working Men’s Club, as members of the English Karate Association.  (EKA).
At the time Chard Karate Club was the only Karate martial arts class in the area.
Obtaining yellow belt in December 1981 and then Orange April 1982 within the EKA.
The Southern karate-Do Wadokai (SKW) was formed and the Chard Karate Club became members as soon as the SKW had been founded by Barry Wilkinson who had achieved 2nd Dan at the time.
Blue and purple belts had been gained in 1983.
1st 2nd and 3rd Kyu brown had been gained in 1984, 1985 and 1986 respectively
Dan Grade Achievements

  • 1st Dan May 1987
  • 2nd Dan May 1989
  • 3rd Dan November 1992
  • 4th Dan May 1996
  • 5th Dan March 2002
  • 6th Dan May 2008.
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