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About EWKR

The Federation of England Wado-Kai Karate-Do Renmei consists of Member Clubs from all over England.

All of the groups listed in on this site are full members of England Wado-Kai. The Federation was formed when the existing SKW expanded in the year 2000 to encompass clubs from the North of England and further developed in 2003 with Clubs joining from the Midlands. This enabled a coming together of Wado-Kai Karate Clubs which has culminated in the formation of England Wado-Kai.

England Wado-Kai Karate-Do Renmei is affiliated to Federation of Wado-Kai Europe and JKF Japan International Wado-Kai

Federation of Wadokai Europe (FWE)

The Federation of Wadokai Europe (FWE) is composed of the Wadokai Headquarters of most European Nations.

The Federation of Wadokai Europe has the aim of promoting, organizing, regulating and popularizing Wadokai Karate.

Federation of Wado-Kai Europe Website>


JKF Wado-Kai

The JKF Wado-Kai is an internationally renowned Karate organization consisting of 1,350 branches within Japan and 250 group outside Japan(including registered branches). Among over 850,000 members, around 180,000 hold black belt ranks.

The Technical Department manages testing to obtain various qualifications, sets standards and implements planned seminars so that practitioners will meet these technical standards.

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