Covid-19 Return to Training

Last updated 19 July 2021

EWKR Clubs are beginning to reopen following lockdown. Please contact your Sensei to confirm whether your club is open.


EWKR has reviewed the guidance from Sport England on returning to contact sports after the Government announcement on relaxing restrictions on July 19th, and is pleased to confirm that we can return to training the full EWKR syllabus including pair work. There are no restrictions on age, numbers allowed in the dojo (other than for health and safety or the usual restrictions imposed by the size of the venue), or training activities. Blocks and other partner work is allowed both during training and for gradings; cash can be collected and books stamped. Competitions and events will also be allowed although further details on how these should be organised are expected to be announced by Sport England later.


EWKR recognises that not everyone will feel comfortable teaching or performing close pair work especially if they or their relatives are in a vulnerable group. Contact pair work will therefore not be mandatory and students will have the option of performing ‘ghost’ pair work or extra kata. For children, permission will need to be gained from the parents to do contact work.


Although we can go back to more normal training, Government and Sport England have urged us to be cautious and to act responsibly, emphasising that whilst restrictions are being lifted, the pandemic is still very much with us. Infection rates continue to rise and so we have been asked in the strongest possible terms to continue taking measures to help prevent the spread of the virus. It is important that we do this since we do not want to risk going back to further restrictions. To comply with this advice, EWKR is advising all clubs to continue with the following precautions and to explain to students (and in the case of children to their parents) what these are and why they are necessary.

• Open windows and doors in the dojo so there is a throughput of air
• Check the temperature of students and parents when they enter the dojo
• Keep a register of all students for track and trace purposes
• Maintain social distancing when not training or when coming to watch a class or event
• Continue to provide hand sanitiser and encourage students to sanitise hands
• Minimise the changing of partners during sessions where possible
• Keep all equipment clean and do not share it
• Wear masks indoors in crowded situations when not actually training
• Tell students not to come to classes if they are feeling unwell
• Encourage students to be vaccinated as soon as they are eligible

Clubs also need to be aware that some facilities are likely to impose more strict measures than others, especially if the facility is used by vulnerable community groups. Club leaders will need to check this out and may need to update their Covid risk assessment in order to be able to continue to use their dojo.



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