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EWKR Virtual Karate CourseEWKR are planning a Virtual Summer Karate Course via Zoom for our Members on Saturday 30th May from 2pm until 4:45pm.

The Virtual Summer course will be delivered over three sessions by Sensei Jason Walton, Matthew Wood & Jack Franklin.

Poster for the event is available here ยป


You will need to join our lockdown Facebook group if you'd like to attend the course. Spaces are limited, so this will only be available to EWKR licence holders at this stage.

Join the group at:
(Please ensure you answer all the questions)


2.00 PM โ€“ 2.45 PM
With Jason Walton 3rd Dan
Fundamental Basic Wado Techniques from EWKR Grading Syllabus
Aimed at the level of white to blue belt, but all grades are welcome

15 Minute Interval/Break

3.00 PM โ€“ 3.45 PM
With Jack Franklin 2nd Dan
Karate Fitness for all ages and grades

15 Minute Interval/Break

4.00 PM โ€“ 4.45 PM
With Matthew Wood 3rd Dan
Senior Grade training covering Nai-hanchi kata and solo Kihon Kumite drills.

Students can attend any of the events at any time by logging into the Zoom session, or they can attend all three events by staying online the entire period.

If you don't already have a Zoom account, you can set one up easily here:


EWKR licences can be renewed online at http://www.englandwadokai.org/node/194


Keep safe & enjoy karate from your home.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.


Course schedule

30-05-2020 02:00pm - 30-05-2020 04:45pm

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