Sensei Needham karate biography

Sensei Gary NeedhamGary Needham started training in Wado Karate in 1986 at the SKW Surbiton club under Andrew Jones 1st Dan.

In the early years, Gary was actively involved in competition for both Kata (solo forms) and Kumite (fighting). He has competed at Association, National and International levels and has represented England Wado-kai at European Championships.

He is the founder and senior instructor at the Walton-on-Thames karate club.

Dan grade promotions:

  • Shodan – November 1998
  • Nidan – November 2003
  • Sandan – September 2007
  • Yondan – March 2011
  • Godan – September 2016

As well as receiving ongoing tuition from England Wado-kai Chief Instructor Barry Wilkinson 7th dan, he has been privileged to learn from some of the foremost instructors in Wado-ryu Karate including; Toru Arakawa 9th dan (JKF), Katsumi Hakoishi 8th dan (JKF Wadokai) and Shingo Ohgami 8th dan (JKF Wadokai).

Gary is also practices "Koryu Bujutsu" (the samurai arts of ancient Japan) with the London based Sosuishi-ryu Seirenkan UK Keikokai. Training includes Kenjutsu (the art of the samurai sword) and Jujutsu (armed and unarmed combat).

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